Take control of your own health and well-being and commence your journey towards inner health and vitality! 

At Full Circle Health we focus on assisting individuals to attain optimal health and well-being through colonic hydrotherapy, far - infrared sauna (hot box) and healthy eating.

Many people do not think about how their current lifestyle impacts on their health - we tend to be DISCONNECTED in regard to taking responsibility for maintaining our own well-being. This is commonly referred to as self care.  If we took a little time to think about our current lifestyle we could avoid some of the illnesses that seem to plague our modern day society.

Once we become aware of what our bodies need for optimal well-being it is really simple to achieve! 

Colonic irrigation, also referred to as colonic hydrotherapy can assist in the detoxification process -helping us to achieve vibrant health.

We share with our clients that achieving optimal health and well-being and feeling good every day is not complicated.

It is as simple as:

1. Eating nutrient rich foods as provided by nature - fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc

2. Sufficient Hydration - ensuring you are drinking adequate amounts of water

3. Moving your body - this could be as simple as walking every day

4. Non-toxic Psychology / Relationships - engaging in life with passion and gratitude

5. Elimination of Toxins - through regular detoxing using colonic hydrotherapy

Looking for a professional colonic hydrotherapy centre in Sydney?  Our colonic hydrotherapy centre has qualified therapists with the International Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists (I-ACT).  Our colonic irrigation utilises the LIBBE open system of colonics.  We also offer far infrared sauna treatments (detox box) to assist in the elimination of toxins.  A one-stop shop for all your detox needs.