The human body is extremely sophisticated, performing a huge range of essential functions 24/7. Among these functions is the crucial one of filtering out and eliminating any materials that could cause the body harm. Over the centuries, as technology has developed, the toxins to which humans are exposed have changed and the body has adapted to deal with new ones, but in the last 60 years there has been a massive increase in the number of chemicals in our air, water, food and everyday surroundings. Are we still coping? or are our systems overloaded?

Toxins invade the body from a variety of sources including the environment, alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, heavy metals, food additives, oral contraceptives, drugs (both recreational and pharmaceutical)..........and there are so many more!
Get ready for the long haul if you are serious about improving your health. Detoxing is about opting for fresh, natural foods that positively boost your metabolism and provide loads of health-promoting nutrients that strengthen your natural detoxification processes. The benefits will be measured in how well you look and feel at the end of your detox program.

 It is important to eat well when detoxing and avoid foods that challenge the system, but this is not the whole story. There are other techniques that can support and intensify your detox efforts -  helping you to shed more toxins and cleanse your whole system from top to toe.  

If you are serious about detoxing your body then it is essential for you to include:

1)      Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

2)     Infrared Sauna Treatments